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Your Engine can provide FULL POWER all day, every day! A battery pack will drain down, get weak then stop working! Communicator Power converts raw engine power to a clean DC source from any snowmobile, motorcycle, or ATV engine for use by a helmet communicator or other device.


Communicator Power:

  • Works with any Snowmobile, Motorcycle or ATV.
  • “Over voltage” protection, built in.
  • Recharge existing re-chargeable battery packs
  • Quick disconnects for easy hook-up
  • Filters out “noise”
  • Regulates voltage for uninterrupted power

The connection from Communicator Power to your helmet communicator is via a special cable with quick disconnect for easy hook-up. The complete package will convert power, filter out noise, regulate voltage to provide uninterrupted full power for your communicator, also provides over voltage protection and can even recharge your re-chargeable battery pack.

No More Changing, Charging or Buying Batteries! Get all the electrical power you need from your engine!

  • Works with all Collett brand Communicators, which use a battery pack.

  • Works with Chatter-Box GMRS-X1, FRS-X2 and others.

  • Communicator Power has been tested on all major brand snowmobiles with total success. Communicator Power will deliver full power all day.

Communicator Power is patented. The only engine power source on the market for Helmet Mounted Communicators

A Communicator Power Unit comes complete with:

  • Straight cable
  • Coil cable
  • Y-connector
  • Quick clip connectors
  • (5) Wire ties
  • (1) Spare fuse (.5A GMA type)
  • Installation instructions

100% Fully Guaranteed! read details

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